Mindfulness: An Opportunity to Check In With Your Body Without Judgment

Mindfulness can be understood as bringing your awareness to the present moment without judgment (Mindful, 2020). In the context of eating, noticing our bodily sensations can help us reflect on what foods help us feel (un)nourished or (un)satisfied. In addition, a moment of mindfulness can provide the chance to identify what emotions and sensations we are feeling and the impact it has on our body. Taken together, noticing our bodily sensations and identifying where we sense our feelings can better understand how certain emotions affect eating habits. Mindfulness can be a helpful tool for those interested in strengthening their relationship


Emergent Research on Eating Disorders in the Black Community

Eating disorders do not discriminate based on sociodemographic characteristics. In fact, eating disorders affect people of all ages, racial/ethnic groups, and gender identities. Despite this knowledge, eating disorders are infrequently discussed in the Black community. Still, it is important to understand how eating disorders may present in Black Americans and how they are perceived in the Black community. A recent article published by Dr. LaKeisha Fleming (2022) found that a lack of education, historical relationships with food, and inequities in treatment all influence disordered eating and treatment among Black Americans. Fleming’s findings highlight a need to better understand eating habits


PSA about Black Women and Anorexia

In the summer of 2021, a public service announcement (PSA) about Black Women and Anorexia was completed by Dr. Cindy Bulik at the UNC Center for Eating Disorders. In this video, Dani Coan, one of our research assistants, shares her personal experience as a Black woman with anorexia. This PSA challenges treatment providers to expand and change their thinking about eating disorders to be more inclusive of the Black community.   Learn more about this project here. By Dani Coan Dani is a senior at NC State, and this is her second year working in the Living F.R.E.E. Lab.


NEDAwareness Week 2022

      Every February, the National Eating Disorder Association hosts NEDAwareness Week, an annual campaign to provide education, hope, and support around eating disorders to the broader community and empower individuals to share their own experiences. NEDAwareness Week 2022 is the week of February 21st-27th and is centered on the concept, ‘See the Change, Be the Change.’ Efforts like this have created much change in the eating disorder field over the past two decades which include increased awareness of the prevalence of these disorders and decreased stigma. Still, misconceptions about eating disorders continue to persist. Historically marginalized communities, such as Black,


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