New Study on Essential Women of Color Coping with COVID-19

We are very excited to begin our next study, “Essential Women of Color: Coping with COVID-19.” The purpose of this study is to examine coping strategies among women of color who have been deemed “essential workers.” We will collaborate with Village Heart BEAT (VHB) a division of the Mecklenburg County Department of Public Health, which aims to reduce cardiovascular health disparities for Mecklenburg Country residents.  In partnership with over 20 community-based testing sites, VHB is on the frontlines of the epidemic providing COVID-19 testing and education to vulnerable populations. Working with VHB, we will recruit a purposive sample of 200 women of color


Introducing: Mariah Cowell, a 2nd Year MSW Student

Mariah is so excited to be a part of the Living F.R.E.E. Lab. This is her second year working with Dr. Goode. Mariah is a second-year full-time graduate student in the community management and policy practice concentration at the UNC School of Social Work. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from UNC Charlotte. She is passionate about applied research that focuses on improving inequitable experiences. Here are a few interesting facts about Mariah: Mariah is colorblind. Mariah was a trained as a classical opera singer for 5 years. She had the opportunity to sing in amazing spaces such


Living F.R.E.E. LAB in partnership with UNC Weight Management for next study

The entire team had the chance to visit the Department of Family Medicine on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus to meet with the UNC Weight Management Program (WMP), directed by Laurel Sisler. The purpose of WMP is to provide additional support to those at greater risk for weight-related problems, and help participants lose weight, improve their health, and maximize their well-being. Participants have the chance to engage individual and/or group counseling for up to 12 months. Dr. Goode was introduced to Stephanie and Laurel because they are both alumni of the UNC School of Social Work. In their first meeting, all


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