The Living F.R.E.E Lab has some exciting news to share! Dr. Rachel Goode has received a NIH Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (K23). The funds from this grant will be used to conduct research to improve treatment for binge-eating among Black women. The purpose of the study is to create a digital tool to treat and prevent binge-eating and weight gain, and also improve participants’ overall well-being. The digital tool will be constructed based on the input of Black women who binge eat to identify the specific obstacles they face in treating their binge-eating behaviors. The Living F.R.E.E. Lab will also conduct a clinical trial to determine the feasibility and acceptability of this tool as a treatment method for the women who utilize it.

Black women experience the highest rates of obesity in the United States, are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus, and have worse outcomes when receiving weight loss treatment. These disparities could be partly due to untreated binge- eating; almost 30% of Black women with obesity say they binge-eat. In addition, despite the alarming rates of binge-eating, Black women are less likely to participate in mental health treatment for their binge-eating behaviors and struggle to find in-person treatment options that not only accommodate their individual needs but are culturally-relevant. Therefore, developing a digital treatment option that was made based on the voices of Black women could provide a more welcoming and accessible treatment option and decrease the existing health disparities.

Our binge-eating study aligns with the Living F.R.E.E. Lab’s goal of developing interventions that treat and prevent disordered eating among women of color. It also builds on some of the previous work conducted by the Living F.R.E.E. Lab (Goode et al., 2018; Goode et al., 2020). We are eager to work on this project!

By: Abby Mueller

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