We are very excited to begin our next study, “Essential Women of Color: Coping with COVID-19.” The purpose of this study is to examine coping strategies among women of color who have been deemed “essential workers.” We will collaborate with Village Heart BEAT (VHB) a division of the Mecklenburg County Department of Public Health, which aims to reduce cardiovascular health disparities for Mecklenburg Country residents.  In partnership with over 20 community-based testing sites, VHB is on the frontlines of the epidemic providing COVID-19 testing and education to vulnerable populations. Working with VHB, we will recruit a purposive sample of 200 women of color who are essential workers for a quantitative survey. In addition, we will recruit up to 25 women for an in-depth qualitative interview. 

Read more about the study here:  https://ssw.unc.edu/node/5086

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