We are so excited to have Courtney Cooper-Lewter joining our lab this Fall. Courtney is a rising 2nd-year dual degree student in the Schools of Social Work and Public Administration at UNC-Chapel Hill. She has a background in International Studies and the Spanish language. She has also been involved in research around family engagement with school systems, traction alopecia affecting African American women, and substance abuse prevention in African American and biracial youth. Courtney is most passionate about community engagement and empowerment. We thought we would share some fun facts about Courtney so that you are able to get to know her better!

Fast Facts about Courtney

Role at the Living F.R.E.E. Lab: Research Assistant

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Number of countries visited: 10

Reason why she decided to study social work: Courtney is a third-generation social worker; social justice is literally in her blood. It also helps that she is passionate about working with families and communities, particularly around self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Favorite foods: Apples and almond butter, masala dosa, any frozen Indian food from Trader Joe’s, and cheeseburgers from Five Guys

Least favorite foods: Mushrooms, seafood, beets, and anything with mayonnaise

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